Surveypal- asking at the right time

Surveypal- asking at the right time

Johanna Kontkanen|24 April 2015

Surveypal is an online customer survey platform. It helps companies of all sizes to succeed at gathering feedback from their customers they can act on. Surveypal offers easily build attractive, cross-device surveys that boost response rates and have fun doing it.

Surveypal started co-operation with Lekane back in 2013 in order to increase the accuracy of the surveys.

“With Lekane Dialogue rules engine we are able to identify the right target group at the right time. For example, if someone drops-out, we are able to ask them why they are dropping out or if we are to develop the website experience, we can target only the ones visiting the site for the first time“ tells Jussi Määttä, Vice President and Partner of Surveypal.

Surveypal is offering Lekane Dialogue rules enginge as part of their service in order to understand customer’s behaviour in different situations. “Customers are more positive about the survey suggestion when it does not bother them immediately as they enter the site. They have time to get the answers they are looking for first. This increase the value of sample, when we get more answers from variety of people, not just those who love to answer surveys,” continues Määttä.

If you would be interested to build a rules-engine for your service, let us know. Let’s build a successful partnership together.

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