Petri Pellinen|18 August 2015

Lekane has introduced a new scheduling calendar option to its Dialogue Manager service. Lekane Dialogue Manager combines online customer intelligence and live dialogue tools to enable effective business-to-business or business-to-consumer online sales for improved customer experience. The new feature gives Lekane Dialogue users the opportunity to schedule their online sales activation in real-time.

Normally, Dialogue Manager has a smart set of customer dialogue and activation rules, that are designed to drive sales results and how our client company uses dialogue with their sales team. There seems to be rather fixed rules for a standard business calendar such as ‘We are open for business during business hours.’ However, as we are just getting back from yet another holiday season, we understand clearly that there is a need to have exceptions to the rules.

New scheduling calendar is part of Lekane Dialogue Manager user interface and gives the option to change fixed activation rules in real-time for any short-term changes. You can have the Dialogue Manager open for customer dialogue during business hours, but if on a specific Friday you are closed, you can make the change directly to the interface. The new feature is very easy to use as it works in a calendar view.

“We wanted to give the option to manage Dialogue Manager rules in more flexible and efficient way to facilitate the real life seasonalities and resource fluctuations. Today it will be even easier to manage the Dialogue Manager’s tools such as chat based on the actual real-time sales resources, ” tells Marko Virtanen, CEO of Lekane.

For more information, please contact us

CEO Marko Virtanen
+358 (0)400 428 515

Sales Antti Vasala
+358 (0)44 544 6774

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