Lekane Dialogue - Smooth Integration into Processes

Lekane Dialogue - Smooth Integration into Processes

Johanna Kontkanen|17 June 2015

Improving customer experience means that customers get the service they need smoothly. If they are your current customers, they assume that the company they are communicating with has the information they have already provided during the buying process or previous discussions. If they are completely new customers, they are expecting you to know what they have in their basket already. Frustration grows if customers are tossed around the organisation for example between sales and customer service and they need to start from the beginning with every new contact.

We like to see that sales-focused, context-driven real-time customer dialogue, Lekane Dialogue, sits in the center of all the your operations. The dialogue should be facilitating and benefiting from the knowledge gathered in the organisation, but also providing new information to the organisation. Everything should be available at the moment customers starts the dialogue with your customer service or sales people. In the end, better customer experience tends to lead better sales results.

Lekane has a long experience in combining customer dialogue with companies other service infrastructures and analytics. We have worked for example with call centers where we have integrated into to some of the World’s biggest communication and contact center technologies, Avaya and Genesys. We are able to integrate smoothly to your current processes, and our process starts always with your business goals. This is why we take first a trial period of three months to tailor our Dialogue manager to the core of your business.

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