Netwheels - digitalizing car industry

Netwheels - digitalizing car industry

Petri Pellinen|21 May 2015

Netwheels was founded in 1999 and develops smart digital solutions for car industry. The Netwheels and Lekane collaboration began already in 2008 with the goal to improve the processing of sales leads in car sales. Over the years, the combination of Netwheels's strong industry expertise and Lekane Dialogue service has become practically a standard among the leading car retail brands in Finland.

The automotive sector is still at strong digitalization stage, and therefore it is vital that good customer service and customer experience begins when the customer first arrives to the car dealer's website.
"Our aim is to take the digitalization to a completely new level for the customers in search for a car." says Ville Hurnonen, Managing Director of Netwheels.

With Lekane Dialogue Call back, Netwheels offers car dealers TalkNow -service customers can leave an instant contact request to their preferred car dealer. The faster the dealer response, the better the odds are to close the deal.

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