Skaala - One call is enough!

Skaala - One call is enough!

Johanna Kontkanen|12 December 2016

Founded in 1956, Skaala is one of the largest window, door and glazing solutions service provider in the Nordic countries. Skaala is particularly known for their energy-efficient product family and holistic service concept. In addition to a strong share on the home market, Skaala’s products are exported mostly to Sweden, the United Kingdom and Russia. In 2014, Skaala’s turnover totalled approximately €95 million and the average number of employees was over 500.

The construction market is highly competitive, demanding clear brand positioning and effective processes. Skaala has made a huge promise - one call to Skaala is enough, they will take the responsibility in customer’s project from that moment on. Customer does not have to take project management nor communication to his or hers shoulders. Skaala has well defined internal process from sales to final delivery. The keys to success are excellent teamwork and communication.

Lekane Dialogue is part of Skaala process with Lekane Callback since 2014. Customer can leave a callback request and s/he will be contacted as soon as possible. Lekane Dialogue uses smart customer segmentation information to connect the right sales person with customer’s specific need. This is critical as Skaala aims to serve every customer while optimizing sales resources.

Experiences with Lekane Dialogue have been excellent. Sales are happy to gain high quality leads and company has now a concrete way to measure the realisation of their value promise. One call is enough!

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Skaala - One call is enough!

Skaala - One call is enough!

12 December 2016

Client cases

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