Finnmatkat - efficient and customer-friendly online sales

Finnmatkat - efficient and customer-friendly online sales

Johanna Kontkanen|12 May 2015

Finnmatkat specialises in producing ready-made holiday packages and it is the largest tour operator in Finland with a 29,2% market share. In 2014, Finnmatkat organised around 260 000 holidays. Finnmatkat is part of TUI Nordics.

Travelling is one of the industries taking full advantage of the digital revolution. 95% of the potential customers are already online. As a market leader, Finnmatkat focused strongly on online sales already in 2010, by centralising their traditional brick-and-mortar sales to a single concept store in Helsinki. Today, more than 80% of customers book their holidays online, and digital has taken a lion’s share also from the marketing budgets.

Going digital has been a great victory as marketing and sales are now truly live. However, Finnmatkat needs great partners to be able to triumph. Finnmatkat has been using Lekane Dialogue since 2012 and is now thousands contacts per year with Lekane Dialogue Call back and Chat.

We interviewed Sasu Volkkila, Knowledge and Analytics Specialist at TUI Nordic/Finnmatkat on their experiences regarding Lekane Dialogue Manager.

Why did you choose to use Lekane Dialogue Manager?

We wanted to reach our customers efficiently and in a customer-friendly manner. This is why we have now both call back and chat options available. We really liked the seamless and fast implementation of their service to our own infrastructure, processes and brand.

What targets did you set for Lekane Dialogue Manager?

We set specific sales targets for the service. Those (sales targets) have been met with higher conversion rate along with high customer satisfaction. Customers were positively surprised by chat option.

What are the most common situations when customers choose to engage with Finnmatkat?

Over 80% of customers are already booking their holidays online. Typically we are assisting customers with some booking details or giving additional information, so they can complete their holiday booking.

How has contact center staff reacted to Lekane Dialogue?

Our contact center staff has been happy with this solution. It has been a way for them to utilize their own customer service skills efficiently as we can match the customer need better with our staff expertise.

Who would you recommend Lekane Dialogue Manager?

I would recommend Lekane to any company wanting to make the most of their online services and to serve customers still in an efficient way. It is good to bare in mind, though, that even though customers are already online, they still occasionally need traditional form of customer service. We have solved this partly with Lekane’s Call back and Chat.

Finnmatkat has been utilising Lekane Dialogue Manager since 2012 in order to support the online sales and customer service. After good feedback from both employees and customers, Lekane Dialogue Manager has been taken into use across the Nordics.

If you would be interested in learning more about Lekane, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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