Vattenfall - preventing customer drop-out

Vattenfall - preventing customer drop-out

Johanna Kontkanen|09 November 2016

Vattenfall is one of Europe's largest generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat. Vattenfall's main products are electricity, heat and gas. Vattenfall has approximately 1.3 million electricity customers in Nordics alone. Vattenfall started utilising Lekane Dialogue Manager, both callback and chat tools in 2011.

”Our marketing campaigns are very effective and bring a lot of visitors to our web site. However, there was a significant number of visitors who dropped out without placing an order. To fix that and to drive additional sales from these visitors we use Lekane Dialogue to engage potential dropout visitors based on their behaviour,” comments Jarmo Roiha, Team Manager Sales Operations B2B Sales at Vattenfall Finland.

Lekane Dialogue has proven success. Roiha continues, “We can now reach 30% of visitors that used to just leave our site. 50% of these visitors place an order. This shows that helping visitors at the right moment results in more sales. We are gaining competitive advantage by serving the right visitors at the right time. I think that other online businesses can achieve similarly impressive results with Lekane Dialogue Manager.”

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