New Lekane Sales Booster Dashboard integrates contact center system with outsourced sales team

Johanna Kontkanen|07 March 2016

An outsourced sales team increases the power of sales but at the same time causes challenges for contact center in the company. Lekane Sales Booster Dashboard combines sales and customer service processes together. It increases sales conversion and makes customer service more efficient.

The outsourced sales team can bring speed into the business growth. Most of the time, outsourced team can manage the sales process to the end, but in some cases the process stops too early - when the salesperson does not have access to internal databases of the company.

Incompatible customer service systems lead to complexity inside contact center and in worst cases losing the customer. An outsourced sales team uses their own systems for product sales and their client company uses their own contact center system. In the worst case customers disappear when they are moved back and forth between these two systems.

Preventing customer loss, has led to situations where contact center uses the system of the external sales team. This causes extra work and complexity at the contact center. Reporting, working hours, nor planning work shifts don’t work or the customer data needs to be collected manually from different sources. Lekane has taken up the challenge to solve this issue.

A new Lekane Sales Booster Dashboard allows the use of different systems for the contact center and the outsourced sales team while preserving customer contact intact.

The outsourced sales team can utilize their sales experience and pick customers from the flow of visitors on the website. Customers are segmented with the help of Lekane rules engine and the sales expertise of the professional salesperson. Salesperson can starts a dialogue directly with a selected prospective buyer at directly on the website. This improves significantly sales conversion.

Lekane Dashboard makes also work easier at the contact center. As the sales team sends the customer forward, the contact center agent can continue the customer dialogue from their regular contact center system. Thus, all the customer cases, even the ones started by the outsourced team, are compiled into one reporting tool and work flow system.

Benefits of Lekane Sales Booster Dashboard:

  • Use of own sales experise on top of Lekane’s own rules-engine for segmenting customers
  • Starting a dialogue proactively with a prospective customer in cases where customer doesn’t activate the conversation by him/herself.
  • Smooth integration of an outsourced sales team and contact center systems: no customer drop-out,
  • Outsourced customer cases integrated fully into contact center work-flow management and reporting

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