Levi - superior customer service

Levi - superior customer service

Henri Kauppi|02 May 2016

Levi is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Northern Finland. It has 24.000 beds. Levi has always been famous for its outstanding customer service and visitors have enjoyed the hospitality of the local entrepreneurs for several years already.

Planning a holiday is nowadays largely a matter of surfing the web for information and purchasing the trip from a web store. Levi wants to provide a superior customer experience also for people using online tools to plan their vacation. Whether a client is arranging a business meeting or renting a cottage, Levi customer service agents have the best skills to provide assistance.

Levin Matkailu use now Lekane Dialogue Manager in order to drive superior customer service. This means that customers don’t need to fill in complicated web forms or queue for available agent to arrange a business meeting, reserve a cabin or to rent out an apartment. They can simply leave their phone number and the agent with the best understanding of their need will call them back close to immediately. There is also possibility to chat.

”Customers are extremely happy with this new service.” says Mr. Jussi Töyrylä, Managing Director of Levin Matkailu Oy. ”We think that superior customer service needs to extend to the planning phase of a trip on the web. Customer feedback has been very positive and these contacts will lead, almost without exception, to booking a trip to Levi.”

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