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Johanna Kontkanen|17 December 2015

Lekane has worked together with Sentraali in bringing best customer service to some of our customers. Earlier this year, Sentraali carried out a research about Finnish consumers’ experiences and expectations of customer service.

The study shows that from a customer's point of view the most important things about customer service are expertise, getting things done and quick access to the service. Phone, email and retail stores are still the most preferred ways to get customer service. Over 50% of the people considered these service channels as the most pleasant.

It’s important that customers get answers quickly. Contact requests should be answered within a few hours unless not immediately on digital channels. 37% of the people who participated in the research would like to be answered immediately on chat. Service must also be available when people have time to use it so availability only on business hours is not enough. Especially, young people have started using more and more chat compared to traditional channels.

Lekane chat is proactive meaning that it is only offered to the most prominent customers online when the customer service agent is available. This ensures that customer service resources are in optimal use and once the customer start the chat, s/he gets immediate response. Sentraali study shows that 88% think that leaving the contact request unanswered is the main factor contributing to bad customer service experience. Proactive chat can be one solution to this. Not every visitor is offered a chat, but the ones needing the help or most prominent to buy. Customers who need help will eventually get fast response and are more satisfied with the service. 

Lekane callback service offers customers a possibility to reach out and get personal assistance when needed. Customer leaves his or hers contact information, for example phone number and possibly reservation or service number for the company and is called back immediately or a few minutes. Our callback helps to optimize resources in customer service center and manage customers’ expectations. If immediate answer is not possible, we can inform the customer about the waiting time in real-time. This helps to reduce stress of the customer regarding queuing.

Contact us for more information on Lekane Dialogue and it’s many options for excellent customer service. You can also start by reading some of our client cases here.

Suomalaisten kokemukset ja odotukset asiakaspalveluille 2015 (Expectations and experiences of customer service in Finland 2015)
Research done by Taloustutkimus during 30.3.-7.4.2015. N=588

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