What is Instant Call Back?

What is Instant Call Back?

Johanna Kontkanen|12 May 2015

Lekane Dialogue helps track and activate the most potential visitors on your website, so you don’t waste your valuable resources on dead-end leads.

Call back is one of our Dialogue tools targeted to customers who wish to discuss directly with a sales person. Call back instructs a customer to leave his or her contact phone number to the dialogue box and the salesperson will call back immediately. This increases customer satisfaction, as the contact request is handled at the exact moment the customer is ready to have the conversation.

Call back can also prevent you from losing a customer if you opt to use it more as a customer service tool. A call back can be activated if your customer is struggling to fill in a web format, to add in payment details or is looking for cancellations.

Besides offering immediate contact, Call back is also completely free for your customers and simple to use. Just by typing in their own number, a customer can reach the right person to talk to. Lekane Dialogue offers the calls to the right contact based on the customer behaviour on the web page. Customers do not need to figure out who to call or how to reach the right person.

Lekane Dialogue Call back is widely used in businesses that are offering complex products or services, for example car dealers. The benefits for customers are clear: immediate response to customer need. The faster the response, the higher the potential is for selling and upselling.

Please contact us if you are interested in increasing the conversion of your web visitors to customers and increasing the average order value of your sales.

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