Smart Live Customer Dialogue Manager

Lekane Dialogue is designed to drive online sales and improve your customer experience. It matches your business goals with your customers' needs.

Drive Sales and Customer Experience Online

Lekane Dialogue follows your webvisitors’ real-time behaviour and identifies their intent and potential sales value. It engages customers to a proactive live dialogue with carefully selected customer service agent for customer's needs. Lekane will show how effectively webvisitors are turned into sales and what the potential hinges in the path-to-purchase are.

  • Select


  • Engage


  • Manage


  • Catch all leads
  • Segment customers
  • Prevent customer drop-outs
  • Optimize sales resources
  • Manage sales performance

Our process & dialogue tools

We review your business goals and online analytics first. Then we start a trial period where we analyse and test your online visitors’ behaviour and reactions to our dialogue activations. We will then build you a tailor-made smart, live customer dialogue manager. You will have a fully operational dialogue manager in just three months.

  • Proactive chat

    Proactive chat
    When your customer wants a quick and short response.

  • Instant call back

    Instant call back
    When your customer values personal contact.

  • Live video

    Live video
    When your customer prefers face-to-face contact.

  • Targeted surveys

    Targeted surveys
    When you need a valid customer feedback, ask at the right time.

  • Personalised sales

    Personalised sales
    When your customer values personal deals.

  • Customized rules

    Customized rules
    When you want to select web visitors based on their behaviour.



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