What is the chatbot trend all about?

What is the chatbot trend all about?

Saskia Salomaa|03 January 2018

Google Trends will reveal a huge rise in chatbot searches during the past few years. Chatbot (blue) and chat bot (red) searches have doubled during the last year - Google does not reveal the exact amount of search queries, but the trend can well be seen from the graph. 

Background of the Chatbot Phenomena

What is the chatbot hype all about? From the technological perspective, chatbot is one part of the website and customer service automatization. There can also be some amount of artificial intelligence in the chatbot. But most of the companies benefiting from the chatbot of use it for improving the customer experience. Once the website customer service gets better, the churn decreases. Usually, chatbot can solve the client's problem so that the client does not need to contact the customer service at all. Chatbots can also boost the numbers by offering additional sales or upgrade options. 

Even though the chatbot itself is a piece of code, it needs the understanding of both customer service logic and customer experience. Who do we serve and how with the chatbot? In what kind of situation is a human contact needed? 

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