Lekane's client Telia chosen as the year 2019's Digital Winner!

Lekane's client Telia chosen as the year 2019's Digital Winner!

Saskia Salomaa|21 November 2018

Telia has been chosen as the year 2019's Digital Winner in a research conducted by consultancy agency Bearing Point. Especially digital client management was praised - in this category Telia was Europe's number one. 

Lekane's chatbot is part of Telia's digital client management. It is integrated into Telia's clients' own pages. With help from the chatbot, the client can take care of several issues without a need to contact the customer service. 

The cooperation between Lekane and Telia started years ago with Tele Finland's chatbot. Once Tele Finland's brand was merged into Telia, the chatbot was brought into use to Telia website. The chatbot has been developed throughout the years and it is connected to other systems and software so that the clients can fix their issues smoothly.

"We are really happy for our client's success and that we have been able to develop solutions that really help out Telia's clients", says Lekane's CTO Petri Pellinen. 

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