How to build a chatbot?

How to build a chatbot?

Saskia Salomaa|14 August 2017

Chatbots have been trending for a few years now. But how to start building a chatbot? 

The first thing is to create a chatbot strategy. Why should you use a chatbot? How will your business benefit from using a chatbot? How does your customer service relate to a chatbot? 

To help in the decision-making process you need some amount of data from your customer service. What kind of situations do the customer service agents handle daily online and in store? What are the frequently asked questions? In what kind of cases do your customers call and when do they use live chats? What is the most popular content on the website? 

Once the analysis is finished is time to define the use cases for a chatbot. For example the chatbot can answer some of the questions the website users have. The site which utilizes a chatbot does not need to be an e-commerce site even though very often chatbots are developed to boost online sales. For example if a customer is buying a bike, a chatbot can suggest a helmet to go with it. Chatbot can increase the revenue of an e-commerce site considerably. 

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