Sales is all about people, even online

Online sales is all about people. The more complex the buying decision, the more customers expect personal service - even online.

Lekane Dialogue

Smart Live Customer Dialogue Manager

Lekane Dialogue is a service that identifies potential customers from your web visitors and engages them proactively to a real-time dialogue. This will boost b2b or b2c online sales and improve customer experience. 

We are combining online analytics with selected dialogue tools like chat and call-back. We can integrate the service to your existing customer service infrastructure such as Avaya or Genesys contact center solutions. 


  • Catch all leads
  • Segment customers
  • Prevent customer drop-outs
  • Optimize sales resources
  • Manage sales performance

How Lekane Dialogue works

  • 1. Follows web visitor's behaviour

    1. Follows your web visitors’ online behaviour

  • 2. Identifies visitor’s intent and value

    2. Identifies potential customers’ intent and value

  • 3. Suggests dialogue proactively with a potential customer

    3. Suggests a live dialogue with the most potential customers

  • 4. Activates a sales person based on customer's intention

    4. Finds the most appropriate sales person for the customers

  • 5. Connects the customer and sales agent to a dialogue

    5. Connects live dialogue between customers and sales

  • 6. Reports how visitors are turned to sales

    6. Reports how visitors are turned to sales

Client cases

Skaala - One call is enough!

12 December 2016

Client cases
Client cases


  • Vattenfall
  • YIT
  • VV-Auto Oy
  • TUI
  • Surveypal
  • Levi
  • FIM
  • Telia
  • Netwheels
  • Laaturemontti


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